What is WebScho Academy?

WebScho Academy began as an idea – to provide high quality, affordable test preparation for all students. SAT and ACT test prep classes are shockingly expensive, and very few programs live up to expectations. Our goal is for high prices to no longer be a barrier for achieving your target test scores.

Why WebScho?

WebScho is student-focused, student-tested, and student-driven. WebScho combines expert strategies with former and current students’ concerns, suggestions, and feedback. Because WebScho was designed with student flexibility and diversity in mind, you will be able to adapt WebScho content to your learning style whether you are a visual, auditory, read-write, or kinesthetic learner. You also have the expert instruction of WebScho’s founder Andy Shin and his 100% money-back guarantee that you will improve your score.

Who is Andy Shin?

Andy Shin is the founder of WebScho. He is a national merit scholar who scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT and ACT. He won nearly half a million dollars in scholarships to undergraduate programs around the US, including full tuition scholarships to Duke, Emory, and Furman University. He has spent years helping close family-friends, and he now wants to share his strategies with everyone.

What is the WebScho Academy program?

The program consists of over 120 easily digestible video lessons, 100+ strategies, 4 full real ACT practice tests, homework e-mail support, and biweekly live online instruction. Students can expect a blend of proven content that they can study on their own with preparation that is interactive and tailored for their success. Video lessons are reasonably short so they can be watched at your own pace and time. When you need extra help, you can access WebScho instructors via our homework e-mail support or log-in twice-a-week to view live online instruction. Just remember, each account is designed for only one user.

When can I take the program?

Unlike other test preparation services that require physical classroom instruction, WebScho is accessible from anywhere in the world with internet access and from any device. Video lessons are reasonably short enough to be consumed at your convenience, whether you are on the way to school or waiting for practice to start. 

How long can I access my account?

Unless otherwise stated when you signed up, your account will be active for 365 days after the date of purchase. You will have immediate access after purchase. If you have any problems with your account, please contact: support@webscho.com

When should I start preparing for the test or using WebScho?

Most students will start preparing for their first test 2-3 months in advance. Some spend just a few weeks knowing they will be taking the test again. To make the best use of this program, WebScho suggests planning out at least 60 days to view, digest, and master the strategies before taking your first (and hopefully only) test. Your preparation time may vary depending on your strengths and weaknesses. 

What if I learn better when there is someone with me or teaching me?

WebScho acknowledges that some students are kinesthetic learners who need all their senses engaged. While we try to address this need with homework e-mail support and livestreamed instruction twice a week, WebScho only provides limited first-come, first-serve tutoring at this time. WebScho encourages you to seek private tutoring if this is the case. For more information, please contact: tutor@webscho.com.

What is your money-back guarantee and what is the risk-free 7-day trial?

WebScho stands by its product and offers a 100% money-back guarantee in the event that your score does not improve. Please read more about the guarantee in our Terms of Use #. Please remember, this guarantee only extends to one user per account. Furthermore, if you are unsure about the program, you can use the program risk-free for 7 days, no questions asked. 

What if I need to buy more than one account? Are there any discounts?

Unfortunately, at this time, WebScho does not offer any family discounts. However, if you need to buy 5 or more accounts, or if you are interested in purchasing a group volume account (25+ accounts), please contact us at: support@webscho.com

Does WebScho offer SAT preparation, as well?

 At this time, WebScho only offers ACT preparation. However, WebScho will be launching a SAT program for the newly designed SAT in the next several months. If you are interested about WebScho’s offerings and want to stay up-to-date about its latest products and services, please sign up for our newsletter or email us at: news@webscho.com

Do you offer any practice tests?

Practice tests are publicly available at www.WebScho.com through its blogs. However, access to video explanations and tutorials are limited to registered users. WebScho may make some videos publicly available on its YouTube Channel from time to time.

Can I still use WebScho if I’m a foreign student?

WebScho is available wherever you have internet access from anywhere in the world. While there are no territorial restrictions, please be advised that your local internet service providers and jurisdictions may limit some of the functionality of WebScho’s products and services.

Do I need to take the ACT/SAT for University/College?

For most competitive undergraduate programs in the United States, applicants must submit a standardized test score such as the ACT or SAT. Some universities and colleges may allow applicants to substitute standardized test scores with IB degrees/scores or its equivalent, but it is your responsibility to find out the requirements of each school to which you are applying. Luckily, there are a growing number of schools that no longer require ACT or SAT scores, but they are still limited in number.