FAQ: Why Choose Webscho?

In this post we will explain why we think you'll succeed at the ACT if you apply the strategies and tips that Andy has developed over a decade of tutoring experience.

The first thing you ought to know about the Webscho test prep course is that it's all about you. After teaching students how to excel on standardized tests for almost ten years, Andy has developed a program to help students like you succeed. He has listened to the concerns and suggestions of many students to develop these strategies and tips. It’s a course that is tailored and focused towards students, from the perspective of a former student, who can relate to what you are experiencing.

Test Prep Designed by a Former Student

Andy is a big believer in authentic questions. The ACT questions are carefully designed and pass through numerous quality reviews before they ever reach students. By practicing on the ACTs actual questions, you can start developing a sense for the patterns and hints hidden within the questions or answers. Kaplan, Princeton Review, Barron’s Test Prep and others spend millions of dollars imitating ACT test questions, and although their test questions are good, their tests and questions can often be harder or easier than the actual thing and miss out on key characteristics.

ACT Practice Tests

As we review some of Andy’s test tips, there will be a few in house questions that he has developed to review concepts. However, when we begin practicing and applying his strategies, we will be using actual ACT questions. In order to improve your score, we need to learn the specific techniques that apply to actual ACT test questions and keep practicing on them. By practicing what you learn in the Webscho videos on genuine questions, you'll be able to start adopting Andy’s strategies and make them your own!

The ACT now provides their own guide and prep books but we would suggest you not rely solely on the ACT’s own strategies for two reasons. The first being the ACT explains concepts and strategies using the school method of solving problems. The ACT advertises itself as an achievement test meant to reflect what you learned in school. As a result, the ACT explains answers to questions using methods you already knew or you’ve already learned in school. Unfortunately, these methods are not always the quickest or most reliable way of solving problems and through Webscho, Andy will teach you ways to solve problems creatively and efficiently.

The second reason we don’t recommend the ACT strategy book is that the ACT has a mission to help schools identify top candidates for their incoming class. The ACT is at the end of the day an admissions test. If the ACT taught the best way to solve problems to everyone and everyone got near-perfect scores, it would become very difficult for schools to differentiate students and defeating the purpose of the ACT score.

Whether or not you choose to take the Webscho course to help your prepare for your ACT, we want you to believe that you can succeed! You are here because you understand the huge good that can come from doing well on this test. This score opened doors for Andy that he never imagined! We believe anyone can achieve that too, if you truly devote your time and effort into getting the score that you want.

Now get ready by practicing on some real ACT questions!


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