Free Official ACT Practice Tests

UPDATE: 2018-2019 ACT Practice test is now available!

Over the years the ACT has released official practice tests for free. These tests are meant to help test takers know what to expect on test day, and to provide a means to prepare and practice on the real deal.

I’m a big believer in using authentic tests. ACT questions are carefully designed and passed through numerous quality reviews before they ever reach students. By practicing on the ACT’s official tests, you can start developing a sense for patterns in wrong answer choices and hints hidden in questions or answers. Kaplan, Princeton Review, Barron’s test prep and others spend millions of dollars imitating ACT tests, and their test questions are good. But, their tests and questions can often be harder or easier than the actual thing and miss out on key characteristics. In any case, they are free, are definitely still useful, and I recommend you take advantage of them as a valuable part of your preparation strategy. Note that the more recently released tests will closer reflect how the test has evolved over the years, but the older tests can still be valuable if you have the time to work on them as well.

Here are seven full practice tests released from the ACT that should help you get started!

Note that although the ACT has released eleven practice tests since 2005, some years are duplicates. I've included the duplicates in case you're curious (or don't believe me :) ).

Before you get started, I highly recommend that you develop a study plan and take the tests as if they were the real deal. Check out our post about how to effectively study for the ACT!

FREE VIDEOS: You can also visit our YouTube Channel and see video explanations for test questions from the 2016-2017 ACT Practice Test or simply click this playlist.

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