Help Your Child Succeed

Do you want to give your child an extra edge? Do you think can achieve a higher score on the ACT with a little help? WebScho Academy's online video-based comprehensive ACT course may be just the ticket. WebScho Academy advocates study habits that get results. The video-based course engages with your child in a way that traditional study materials don't. Each video is about ten to twenty minutes long providing just enough material to integrate into a daily routine.

We recommend preparing well in advance of the test day, integrating new topics over a long period of time. Studies have shown that sleep plays a very important role in our ability to learn and retain new concepts. Our ACT course is designed to allow your child to take bite sized chunks out of more complex concepts, building the types of strong neural connections that will be required to perform on test day.

In addition to the video lessons, our course includes math practice problems, accompanied with detailed video explanations. This helps your child to solidify their knowledge and put their studying to the test. Finally, we are strong advocates of learning by doing. The ACT releases a number of ACT practice tests that we find very beneficial to our students.

It is very important for your child to know what to expect on test day. Our comprehensive course will unveil the mystery, breaking down each type of question from each of the categories into their core components. Give your child the head start they deserve today!