Why WebScho?

At this point you might be asking yourself: why should I use WebScho? What makes WebScho different from the other online tutoring services and test prep services out there? To answer your questions simply, because we're the most affordable and effective course available.

We challenge you to find a comprehensive online ACT prep course for a better price with better content. WebScho's ACT course includes over 100 comprehensive video lessons covering English, Math, Reading and Science subjects, more than 200 math practice questions with video explanations for each question, and a guaranteed score improvement or your money back. If any of our competitors offer a comparable course for less, we'll beat their annual price by $20. Just send us a link to the advertised price to info@webscho.com, and we'll provide you with a coupon code to beat their price.

Founder of WebScho Academy, Andy Shin
Andy Shin, founder of Webscho Academy.

After years of experience by our founder, Andy Shin, of charging upwards of $200 per hour for in person tutoring, he decided that there must be a more affordable way to help his students. Andy got to work and put together a comprehensive course covering all of the core topics that he found himself covering again and again in his in-person tutoring sessions. The videos include detailed, in depth, and easy to digest explanations covering everything from test day tips, proven strategies and shortcuts to the correct answer, to core question concepts that appear on every ACT test. In the videos Andy goes through each concept explaining in a clear and concise manner and describing the best strategy for tackling a particular problem. On-screen white-board style annotations help to emphasize the most important concepts and re-create Andy's in-person tutoring style in video format.

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