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How Can WebScho Help?

Webscho is an online tutoring service. It helps you to prepare for standardized tests by giving you access to video lessons, guaranteed to improve your score.

Do you have a child who is planning to take the ACT? As a parent, we know that you want the best for your child. A quality education is the best ticket to a bright future. WebScho understands the importance of a high ACT score, and we're confident that we offer the best online study course for the ACT available.

Are you a college-bound high school student? At WebScho Academy we know what you're going through because we've been there. Our founder, Andy Shin, worked hard to get top ACT and SAT scores. His hard work paid off, and he won multiple full-tuition scholarships to top universities. His experience as student going through the test preparation process combined with over ten years of tutoring and coaching experience helped him to develop a tried and tested ACT test preparation course.

Are you looking for the ACT's official free practice tests? Look no further! In addition to our subscription based online ACT prep course, we've collected all of the tests that the ACT has released so far for you to download. The tests are printable PDFs and include and overview, some basic test-taking strategies, rules and regulations as well as a full sample "Answer Document." We strongly recommend that all students take the time to download, print, review and take at least a few of the available tests.

Still have some questions about WebScho? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. We get into the details such as where you can use WebScho (hint wherever your smartphone is☺so anywhere...!), when and how you should use our program, information about our money back guarantee, and more!

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About WebScho

What makes us better

WebScho Academy started out as a one man show with our founder, Andy Shin, tutoring students one on one. Andy soon realized that he could offer a superior test prep course to his students by converting his effective ACT test preparation methods into an online video course. WebScho Academy now offers a subscription-based ACT prep course that is more affordable and effective than all of the competition. We have tried all major test prep services and have come away unimpressed. No comprehensive course comes close to the affordable rates offered by WebScho.

The WebScho comprehensive ACT course is guaranteed to boost your (or your child's) ACT score. That's not a promise that is easy to make: the ACT can be challenging and intimidating. However, we've come up with a system that has worked again and again for our students. Parents and students alike not only saw big improvements in ACT scores, but once the test was taken, recommended our course to their friends and family.

Our goal is to help students get into their dream college by tutoring them in the most effective way possible to improve on their ACT, all without breaking the bank. We've deliberately priced our course below the competition because we don't think it's fair to charge $800+ for an online ACT course or thousands for private tutoring...

The course includes all ACT sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science. Additionally, the course includes videos introducing core concepts about the ACT, studying for the ACT, and how to use WebScho as well as an entire section on General Strategies that will help any student to ace the test.

Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, it's not too late or too early to start studying. WebScho academy is here to guide you. We know that high school students these days are extremely pressed for time. Athletics, band practice, debate club and science fairs threaten to consume all of students' free time. WebScho Academy helps the modern high school student make the best of his or her time studying for the ACT. While the real secret to improving your ACT score is putting in the effort, our ACT prep course helps you to make the most of your limited time. We cover every topic quickly, emphasizing the most important points. In that sense, not only are we the most inexpensive course available based on our subscription price, but we also make the most of our customers most valuable resource: their time. And we offer playback rate control allowing students to get through lessons more quickly if they choose.

If you're not quite convinced, that's OK. We have plenty of free ACT prep resources for you to try in the meantime including official ACT practice test downloads, many free videos on YouTube (a great way to learn what to expect from our course), and some really useful tips and tricks on our news stream