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What is WebScho?

Webscho is an online tutoring service. It helps you to prepare for standardized tests by giving you access to video lessons, guaranteed to improve your score.

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Improve your score. Guaranteed or your money back.


Whether you purchase our in-demand or live course, gain access to weekly live webcasts from our expert instructors.


Raise a virtual hand. Our expert instructors will respond to any questions that you or your student may have.

My ACT and SAT scores helped me win over $1 MILLION in scholarships, and I got full tuition scholarships to Duke, Emory, UGA, and Furman University. But I NEVER paid for expensive tutors or courses to achieve my 99th percentile scores.

After I attended trial classes offered from the big, national test prep companies, I realized they were just too expensive for what they had to offer. I studied and developed my own strategies while practicing on test prep books I borrowed from libraries and using everything my high school guidance counselors provided. Now I would like to share these strategies with you.

WebScho Academy offers affordable and accessible courses to any student willing to put in the effort to achieve his or her target score. From my ten years of tutoring and coaching experience, I know every student can improve given the right encouragement and instruction. Many of my students have been able to achieve near-perfect scores and get into their first-choice schools. And I would finally like to provide you the opportunity to achieve the same through our score improvement guarantee, quality live instruction, and 24/7 online study program. Check out our online self-study courses. 

I graduated undergrad with no debt and recently graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law. I could not have gotten to where I am today without my stellar scores, and I hope you can achieve my success, too.

Yours Truly,

Andy Shin

WebScho Academy Founder



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