Help Your Child or Student Ace the ACT in 3 Simple Steps

WebScho Academy would like to share 3 simple steps that can help your students attain their target score.

  1. Provide students access to practice tests. Studies consistently show that taking practice tests before sitting for the ACT can dramatically improve a student’s score. Find free practice tests here!
  2. Inform students of multiple test prep services. Affordable access to test prep services is a major barrier to improving a student’s score. It's no secret among teachers and school administrators that high scores on standardized tests are more often a reflection of how much test prep a family buys than a reflection of the intelligence of a student. It's important to share with students and parents that there are many different services that fit many different budgets. See a variety of test prep opportunities here, including information about WebScho!
  3. Encourage students to prepare and study during the summer break. Students forget much of what they learn in the school year during the summer, but the summer is also the best time to study for the ACT. Unburdened from extracurricular obligations, the summer break is the best – distraction free – time for students to devote the requisite hours to achieve their highest test scores in the fall.

So encourage your student or child to make the best of his or her summer and invest some hard work in the summer. That hard work will pay huge dividens when applying for colleges and universities in the fall!

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